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Darjeeling Maid in Singapore

Indian maids in Singapore are mostly from Darjeeling, Punjab, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. There are also Mizoram maids but they are not as much preferred as they do not speak Hindi/ Tamil much. In Singapore, maids from Indonesia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka constitute a majority of the domestic help workforce, but Indian expats often show preferences for Indian maids.

Indians who can’t live without a housemaid are willing to pay a lot of money to keep a decent one. Indian Employers prefer to keep an Indian maid as their lifestyle and cooking methods are the same. If they hire someone from the Philippines, who are easily available here, they would have had to spend a lot of time teaching her their way of cooking and living.

If the Indian Employer hires a maid who is pro at cooking Indian food, that means the kitchen can be out of the to-do list for the employer when they are back home tired after a long day of work.

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