Maid salary minimum in Singapore

The maid salary minimum in Singapore is a topic of much debate. Some say that the current maid salary minimum is too low and does not reflect the true cost of living in Singapore. Others argue that the maid salary minimum is necessary to ensure that maids are treated fairly. So, what is the maid salary minimum in Singapore and how does it compare to other countries? In this blog post, we will explore the current maid salary minimum in Singapore and what it means for both maids and employers.

Maid salary in Singapore

A new survey conducted by global market research firm YouGov shows Singaporeans are divided over whether maids in the country should be paid more than S$600 a month, with opinions also split among those in the industry.

A non-governmental organisation (NGO) said maids should be paid more with the extended number of hours they work in a day, while an employment agency association said the figure is fair because the employer covers costs like food, lodging and medical expenses.

Of the 1,060 Singaporeans polled online, 52 per cent think domestic helpers should be paid more than S$600 a month, while the remaining 48 per cent think they should be paid less than S$600 a month.

Another factor that determines how much an FDW earns is the minimum monthly salary stipulated by the source country, said Association of Employment Agencies president K Jayaprema.

The minimum rate for FDWs from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines is S$450, S$497, S$550 and S$570, respectively.

Sri LankaSG$497

The current maid salary minimum in Singapore

The current maid salary minimum in Singapore is $600 per month. This is an increase of $100 from the previous salary minimum of $500 per month. The maid salary minimum is set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and is reviewed every two years. The last review was in 2017 when the MOM increased the maid salary minimum by $50.

The maid salary minimum is a basic guideline for employers to follow when paying their domestic workers. It is not a legal requirement, but employers who do not pay their maids at least the minimum wage may be liable for prosecution.

The increase in the maid salary minimum has been welcomed by many domestic workers in Singapore, as it will help them to cover their basic living expenses. However, some employers have complained that the higher wages will lead to an increase in the overall cost of hiring a maid.

How the maid salary minimum affects employers and maids

The maid salary minimum in Singapore is $600 per month. This affects employers and maids in different ways.

For employers, the maid salary minimum may mean that they have to pay more for their maids. It may also mean that they have to provide more benefits for their maids, such as health insurance.

For maids, the maid salary minimum may mean that they can expect to earn more money. It may also mean that they will have better working conditions and benefits.

Indian maid salary in Singapore

Indian maid salary in Singapore

The average salary of a new Indian maid in Singapore is $450 to $500. Experienced Indian maids’ salaries can be between $600 to $900 per month. This is considered quite high and this rise in salary is caused by expatriates who just pay any amount the maid is asking for just to grab a good maid as quickly as possible.

However, it is important to note that the salaries of FDWs are not regulated by the government. This means that employers can pay their FDWs whatever salary they deem appropriate. There are no minimum wage laws for FDWs in Singapore.

As such, it is possible for an employer to pay an Indian maid a salary that is below $450. In fact, there have been cases of employers paying their Indian maids as little as $250 per month. If you’re considering hiring an Indian maid, be sure to negotiate a fair salary with your potential employer.

Transfer maid salary Singapore

As an employer of a foreign domestic worker (FDW) in Singapore, you are responsible for paying your maid her salary. This applies to both new and renewal contracts, as well as to part-time and full-time maids. If you pay your maid less than the minimum salary stated in the contract, you are breaking the law and can be fined.

If you would like to give your maid a raise, you can do so by renegotiating her contract. The new salary must be at least $50 more than her previous salary.

It is important to remember that payments made in cash are to be recorded clearly and signed by both Employer and the maid. Any allowances or bonuses that you give to your maid should be included in her employment contract as well.

Maid’s salary should be proportionate to her workload

In Singapore, a maid’s salary is typically based on the number of hours she works per week. The average full-time maid in Singapore works 45 hours per week and is paid an average salary of $452 per month. However, maids are often required to work overtime, and may not be paid for all the hours they work. For example, a maid who works 50 hours per week may only be paid for 45 hours, and will not receive overtime pay for the additional 5 hours. As such, it is important that maids are paid a salary that is proportionate to their workload. Maids who work more hours should be paid more so that they can earn a livable wage.

There are many cases where maids are expected to work long hours, with little rest or time off. In these cases, their salary should be proportionate to their workload. Otherwise, they are effectively being exploited. There are a few ways to ensure that your maid is being paid fairly. 

You should also make sure that your maid has enough time off each week to rest and recuperate. If she is working excessive hours, you can offer to help with some of her tasks. This will help to ease her workload and prevent her from feeling overworked and underpaid.

A maid’s salary should be proportionate to her workload. For example, a maid who works in a household with only one child may have a relatively light workload and may only need to work part-time. In contrast, a maid who works in a household with several children may have a much heavier workload and may need to work full-time.

When determining how much to pay your maid, you should consider the amount of work that she will be doing in your home. If she will be responsible for caring for young children or elderly family members, her workload will be greater and her salary should reflect that. On the other hand, if she will primarily be responsible for cleaning and cooking, her workload will be less demanding and her salary can be correspondingly lower.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how much to pay your maid based on her workload.


The maid salary minimum in Singapore is a great way to make sure that your maid is getting paid fairly. This will help to keep them motivated and productive, and it will also help you to avoid any legal issues that might arise from not paying them enough. Make sure to check out the website for more information on the maid salary minimum in Singapore so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not this is something that you want to implement in your own household.

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