Darjeeling maid in Singapore – Why are they special?

If you are looking to hire a Darjeeling maid in Singapore to save a great deal of time and escape from the never-ending house chores. It is very important who you chose for a maid at your home.

Darjeeling maid in Singapore

While the right choice of Darjeeling maid in Singapore can provide great comfort to your home & family, a wrong choice can be a total nightmare.

Nearly all homes have regular chores like sweeping, cleaning the floor, washing utensils and cleaning the kitchen, getting the grocery and daily food items, laundry and cleaning bathrooms. These chores are necessary, but they can take up a lot of your time and time is what people are short of these days. In Singapore, the busy schedules of working professionals make it impossible for them to work and maintain the house.

That is the reason, majority of them opt for maids who maintain their houses and provide more than what they would possibly do on their own.

Almost 80% will prefer to hire a Darjeeling maid in Singapore. The following are the main reason for them being in demand. 

  • They speak better English
  • modern dress up
  • They have a pleasant speaking tone
  • They blend well with the Singaporean style
  • Workwise they are like other maids from other parts of India
  • They can eat and cook non-veg (suitable for non-veg families)
  • They are Dog lovers
  • Very loyal to employer and family
  • Flexible to working hours

The Darjeeling transfer maid Singapore is very much in demand. The pandemic situation made it even worse. They are being grabbed like a rugby ball. When someone let go, within 5 minutes, the next family is ready to hire her with any salary & off days that she demands.

The Darjeeling maid in Singapore, the good ones are really very good but the bad ones are really bad. If you get the good one, then you are very blessed and enjoy the moment with her as much as possible.

What are the disadvantages of Darjeeling maid? Let me tell you the nightmare side of the Darjeeling maid in Singapore if you end up getting the wrong one.

1) Remember, I told you they are modern. Yes, they are too modern and have the habit of smoking. Some Darjeeling maids initially tried to find reasons to sneak out of the house and go down to have a puff. But eventually, the employer finds out about it. Some employers are okay with it. They close one eye if her work attitude is good and they don’t find any other fault in her.

2) If smoking is bad, some Darjeeling maids in Singapore have the habit of Drinking.  There have been lots of instances where the Darjeeling maid, come home drunk after her Rest Day.

There have been videos on Tik Tok a bunch of Darjeeling maids who are drunk and fighting in Little India.  These are the major and biggest problems of Darjeeling maids.

3) Some other smaller problems are like, they cannot speak proper Hindi. They are mostly from Nepal medium education background. Therefore communication become a big problem. If the Darjeeling maid has taken a proper education, then they can speak good Hindi and good English.

4) They are rice eaters. They need rice, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They hate to eat rotis.  They also need non-veg in their diet and mostly they try to avoid working with vegetarian families.

5) They refuse to work with big families. Darjeeling maids choose families with just couples and a child. They will also want the couples to be working. They avoid working with families where the employer madam is a housewife. They will never take up a house, where there are grandparents staying at home.

From our experience and observation, we are sharing these tips to help hire & retain good Darjeeling maids. As you should understand by now, good maids are hard to find & retain nowadays. Once you hire a good housemaid, it can change your life completely. If you treat them the right way they will work for you with more dedication.

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