Should You Be Concerned About Hiring a Punjabi Maid?

Are you looking for an Punjabi Maid in Singapore? As a reputable Indian maid agency based in Singapore, we specialize in finding Indian maids, mostly from Darjeeling and Punjab, for a number of families in Singapore. We take great pride in being able to identify the right Indian maids for Singapore families.

Why should a Singapore-based family look for an Indian maid? Do they even need a maid? Well, the climate in Singapore is such that you cannot do without a maid. Dusting, mopping, vacuuming is something that has to be done on a daily basis. And then there are other duties such as doing the dishes, laundry, ironing, cleaning bathrooms and so on. You may want the maid to help out with the cooking as well.

There is so much work needed to be done, and hiring an Indian maid is not just a convenience, it’s a necessity. So what does a potential employer do when looking for the right Indian maid for their Singapore home?

Simple – they do a Google search for a reputable “Indian maid agency in Singapore”, find our website,, look up the bio data of the various maids who are listed with our agency. If there are a few candidates they like, they call us by phone and arrange a meeting or ask us for our recommendations based on their very specific requirements.

As you will have noticed on our website, we have bio data of maids from Darjeeling, Punjab, Mizoram, Gujarat, Indonesia and South India. But generally, we specialize in maids from Darjeeling and Punjab. That’s where we get most of our maids from.

Now, here I want to address an issue that matters a great deal not just to our agency, but to the maids under our contract as well. We have found that there is a certain suspicion that many employers share about Punjabi maids. In fact, most of the requests we receive are for Darjeeling maids and not for Punjabi maids.

There are many reasons for this. Some employers will have heard stories from their friends or colleagues about Punjab. For example, you may have been told by someone that Punjabi maids are not clean or hygienic, that they feel homesick every so often and ask to leave for home well before the end of their two-year contract and so on and so forth.

For these reasons, most people who want us to find maids for them specifically ask for Darjeeling maids and not Punjabi maids. Is that fair? Well, no, I am of the opinion that you cannot stereotype people.

Sure, we have had cases of several Punjabi maids who were less than satisfactory and did not last the full two-year contract, but it’s not right to say that all Punjabi maids behave in a certain way or that Darjeeling maids are better than them.

So are Darjeeling maids better than Punjabi maids? Not necessarily. Indeed, there are comments made against some of our Darjeeling maids as well, that they are lazy, arrogant and slow and find it hard to adjust to the hot tropical conditions in Singapore – but that’s not true either. Most of our Darjeeling maids are well adjusted individuals and their employers are happy enough with them.

The point is, we get good maids from Punjab who live up to the satisfaction of our clients and a few not-so-good maids from Punjab, who end up going back home long before their contract is up. It’s the same with Darjeeling maids as well.

Generally, as Singapore housemaid agents, we are very experienced at identifying the right Indian maids, whether they are from Punjab or Darjeeling for Singapore families. It is very easy for us to judge a domestic worker based on our interview with them and come to the right conclusion about them – whether they are serious about the opportunity being presented to them or if they are in Singapore for nothing more than just time-pass.

We can tell from our analysis of their character and work history if they are going to last in Singapore, work to their employer’s satisfaction or not. We select our housemaid profiles very carefully and only after duly satisfied we make them available to prospective employers.

Again, the rate of success of our housemaids has nothing to do with which state they are from – whether they are from Punjab or Darjeeling or from somewhere else. It is the character of the individual concerned, that makes all the difference.

So do get in touch with us, talk to us about your requirements and be sure that we will be able to find the right housemaid for you, based on your specific requirements. We will find a housemaid – it does not matter whether they are from Punjab or Darjeeling – who will be up to your satisfaction and last for the full term of their contract.

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