Reasons Why Maids Leave. Lets’ first find out where you go wrong.

Reasons Why Maids Leave. Lets’ first find out where you go wrong. Here are some most common reasons why maids run off the job. The Employer is a Bad Guy – This one will really get your back up and make you want to scream, “WHY DID YOU PUT ME IN A POSITION WHERE I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS MAN?!” Because it happens all the time and a lot of the employers have been there themselves so we know this can be a real problem for employers who try their best to keep good workers around but sometimes things just don’t work out and that’s when they leave.

Work overload

One of the most common causes for a maid’s disappearance is a lack of time for her to complete her work. If they have so many tasks per day, they might just want to give up and run away. They may agree to perform your job for the money, but once they see it isn’t working for them, they will go.

What you can do here is by giving rewards to the maid regularly. Treat her to her favourite food, chocolate or just give her an extra hour to sleep during the weekend. Otherwise, try hiring an extra helper if you will need more than two people to help with all of your chores because your house there are too many family members or really there is too much work for a single person to handle.

She just simply don’t like you.

Yes, this is correct. They have the option of working for anybody they want. They will want to quit if they don’t like your attitude. After all, no one wants to work for a difficult boss.

They may refuse to work in such a demanding and stressful workplace. Have you ever irritated your maid by making snide remarks or micromanaging her?

If that’s the case, it’s possible that’s why she quit her job. Consider how difficult it is to live with a horrible experience every day. If you want to keep your maid, don’t overwork her, or have an incorrect attitude toward her.

It may be hard for you at times to not give in to emotional reactions and stay objective, but try to remember that there are always going to be times when you need to just focus on getting through the next few hours as painlessly as possible instead of dwelling on past mistakes or worrying about the future—like the possibility of losing your maid to someone else who will treat her better than you do right now because they will see her as more valuable if you’re too controlling and demanding, or seeing her quit if you don’t change your approach, which means you might never get another one again.

She has her own problem

Maids might have their own challenges and problems. A maid may be forced to leave their work due to family concerns or unforeseen events. As a result, having a dialogue about their family and determining whether or not they are experiencing any emotional trauma will assist them in developing trust in you.

You have to explain clearly to her that the situation may not improve once she is back in her home country, as she will often return home with less money than when she was working abroad, meaning that it can become difficult for her to repay the debt she might be owning to people. There are ways to help your maid stay safe and healthy while they are employed with you and ensure that they do not have to face these challenges at home upon their return.

Maid is not happy with the salary that she is currently drawing

Although she may have agreed to a fixed price while getting hired, sometimes she may look for rewards or extra benefits. Not having these benefits or bonuses may disappoint her and make her leave you.  This can be frustrating to all employers. Maids tend to compare their salary and working environment with other maids. Most maids are usually never satisfied with where they are working now.

But if you have planned your offer well, you can always provide some kind of extra reward and bonus as an additional benefit to your maid, which is going to motivate them to work hard for you in the future! If you’re thinking about how to hire someone, one of the most important things that you should consider is their skills and experience, so you don’t end up wasting time or money hiring people who aren’t right for the job or your family at all.

How to hold on to your maid for 2 years?

Keep in mind that your maid is not a robot or a machine. She is a human being who needs adequate rest in order to function.

You should respect her requirements as an employer and allow her to sleep for at least 8 hours. Also, getting enough sleep will enable her to operate efficiently and effectively.

She, like you, need food and a balanced diet, so make sure she gets enough of it so she can stay healthy and do her duties effectively.

You may also make a timetable for her with the duties she has to complete and the times she can relax, eat or sleep.

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