A healthy mind is a happy mind

We live by our thoughts and our life forms as per our thoughts. A healthy mind is very important, especially in times of crisis. Our thoughts become the transport towards our reality. So, as such, If you think ‘Happy’, that’s where you will arrive at and on the other hand, if you think ‘Sad’, that’s where your destination becomes. Your thoughts create their vibes and that gets sent out to the universe and that’s how you end up attracting what you think AND together with it, its package.

Here, I urge you to choose happiness. When you seek for it and it will choose you too. I would say, happiness is like the art on the canvas of your life, on which, only you could craft for yourself, with whichever colors and using the tools of your choice, to beautify your soul.

A Happy person will naturally also have a beautiful soul. And You are beautiful, just the way you are.  Being that, be rest assured that the right ones will appreciate you as they have always been aware of what you are encompassed of. You will be loved,  though not necessarily by everyone as there will exist a bunch of those who can never do so, no matter how beautiful of a person you may actually be. However, let me remind you, that that’s ok too because as we all know already, we can never please everyone. So, Breathe & Bloom and Be Beautiful, as you were, are, and will always be. 

Emotions, Thoughts, and Actions of a Healthy Mind

What you are feeling


What you are thinking


What you will be doing

Whichever way, It’s You vs You. Your choice, Your competition, Your combat.    

Pick it not only wisely, but also consciously and cautiously, for it may cause you some costly consequences.

What are Intrusive Thoughts?

healthy mind

Often, at the point where the absence of knowledge and understanding begins, so does the presence of wrong thoughts and assumptions. Namely, Intrusive Thoughts.

A positive mindset and perception can form only when a person tries to learn about something and comprehend what it actually implicates, (even if in the tiniest bit) instead of immediately slamming it solely based on their personal, biased, and negative speculations of it. In the contrast, negativity is simply a sheer lack of knowledge and understanding. This negativity is that of a toxic seed that eventually grows into a huge tree of intrusive thoughts. It’s much healthier to have a healthy mind to see ourselves as having the power to create our own reality at this moment, no matter how difficult it may feel at times to overcome obstacles and reach our goals or fulfill our aspirations.

So, what can you do to manage intrusive thoughts?

A-C-E methodology

We can ACE Thru it! Let me share with you further on this A-C-E methodology which I learned along in the course of my life, whenever it presented its set of challenges. 

So, it begins with Acceptance, backed up with Acknowledgement,  and then supplemented with Actions.

A – Acceptance

For a start, it can be as basic as accepting where you are in life. All that has happened in the past. The good and the not-so-good. Letting go of all the unwanted and unnecessary. Accepting what you are going through and the situation and condition of it it helps you better understand what is needed to be done further.

Sometimes, all we need is to accept it as it is. And then, make the best out of it to have a healthy mind. Expectation only makes it harder to come thru when we realize that mostly, it has never been within our control.

When you acknowledge these thoughts and are able to define further the exact emotions that it makes you feel,  it is important to ask yourself if this is getting you somewhere good or is it only causing you distress and damage or even self-destruction unintentionally. If it isn’t doing you any good, you need to talk yourself out of it or to a trained person who is qualified to help you do so. Remember, it does not make you any less of a person when you reach out for the support you need to help you get up back stronger. We all need support from time to time.

C – Concentrate

To Concentration in the present with positivity. That is, to stay focused on what is happening and find out how you can still make things better within your means and reach.  You get to define for yourself what makes you happy and comfortable. After all, happiness is from within. Therefore, how you perceive your happiness matters. Positive, healthy, and good thoughts bring about wellness. Whereas negative, unhealthy, and ill thoughts lead you to burnout.

E – Eliminate

Elimination of anything that is not good for you and all the negativity around you. Not forgetting what’s also within you. Especially your intrusive thoughts. Keep your thoughts simple, decluttering all that noise distracting the mind. Keep our speech and actions real by saying and doing only what you genuinely mean. Take action where needed using ways and means that are helpful for you to overcome the process. How to deal with it to make it better. Simple and real, that is the deal.

You, For Yourself First.

There is nothing that could lift you any higher or weigh you any lower than your own thoughts about yourself.

Respect yourself enough, NOT to be disrespected. Knowing your boundaries empowers you well to be able to speak up whenever needed, to help stop being in a situation that you dread. Through honoring yourself, you make clear to people around you the type of behavior you will and won’t tolerate, while you hold to the notion that you are worthy and deserving.

As you learn to listen to your inner voice, acknowledging and accepting your feelings and needs prevents you from nullifying them no matter how sad you feel or badly you are broken within. You will gradually and eventually pick after yourself believing that you will emerge stronger than you were. And then, when you understand the value of your voice, you will learn to identify the situations that no longer deserve your time, effort, initiative, and emotions. It makes a significant difference when we know how we treat ourselves matters.

Growing Gracefully

A healthy mind examples, one that’s directed with positivity and the derived happiness only leads to graceful growth, and how do we measure it? Well, the measurements of graceful growth are inclusive of several variables in life that groom us as we grow up. and what are these?

The Magnitude of your Mind,

The amplitude of your Attitude

The Viscosity of your Vision        

The Unit of your Understanding

and the Dimension of your Decisions.

Hence tips for healthy mind, it is not about just growing old but rather Growing up, Gracefully which is achievable and begins with a healthy mind and a happier you. Gear up and get yourself onset with this beautiful journey ahead!

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