Women quotes: Happy Woman, Healthy Woman

women quotes : She believed and She Be:

YOU are who you believe, you are. You have become Who you believed you were, and…

You will be that AMAZING person YOU BELIEVE to be, determined not by anyone else’s thoughts or opinions or judgments of you. If you ever feel any lesser, stop right there, remember that you’ve got the truest, purest, mightiest, Ever-Loving’s love for you (by Faith) and most importantly, not forgetting Your very own Self-love. Yes, it starts from you to you, and solely for you.

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Let’s get a little selfish, Darling!

No, it’s not a bad word or a bad thing here and I assure you, that it’s ok for you to do so and that too, without guilt. No guilt-tripping and here’s why:

Self-love is the way to go!

Do you know how to love yourself or even remember how you used to? Or has it become easier for you to love someone else better than yourself?  If so, you need to get on back to loving yourself first, your life, what you do, and all of what you are blessed with, you will then, find it a lot easier to love and care for those around you as well!

What happens when you keep giving to others, be it your time, love, care, attention, or just anything, but nothing much to yourself? We have all heard of the breakdowns when overworked, for instance, machines. Take that break you truly deserve as it helps to refresh your mind, recharge your energy and renew your attitude towards what you are working on. On the other hand, overworking only leads to burnout leaving you all drained up resulting in you not being happy or not even having the interest to love yourself. So, step out for a bit for that much-needed breather! The difference will surely be felt!

Well, self-love does not stop at just getting yourself stuff or limiting it to doing what you like. It also requires you to be in sync with yourself first.  That is, to embrace yourself for who you truly are and be contented with it wholely.

Ask yourself, if there is a matter that you need to address but have been brushing off? If you need to forgive yourself or someone for a mistake did before? If there is a regret that you need to make it up for or move on from? Start by accepting your flaws and do what it takes for self-betterment and be nice and kind to yourself as you would to others. As aforementioned, it always starts from within. When you can do so, you will then be able to do better for others as well.

What next after self-love, you ask? Here are some values for you to look into:

self-care: The next step after some love, is care! We all need the TLC!  Do what’s best for your well-being! To care a little better for yourself isn’t selfish and let no guilt stop you from doing so. Your mental health is of great concern, followed by physical and spiritual wellness. Remember, a healthier mind makes a happier you? It all interlinked.

Self-Respect: After some care, comes the next significant matter, ‘respect’. It’s the strongest fortress anyone could build around themselves. Respect yourself first, and well enough, not to be disrespected by others at any point. What you tolerate is what you are conditioning others on how to treat you. So, never settle for anything that puts your self-respect down even by a percentage, or by a close one. It’s not something to be compromised on.

Self-Worth:  When you learn to respect yourself enough, you will inexorably realize your worth. While at it, let no one’s judgment of you come in the way to determine your worth. Perceive your worth and live well. Keep building it up and never place it on the scale of others! 💪You’ve got this!

Self-Validation: You now have got everything in place but what gives it life and credibility? Your validation! Through acknowledging what you are feeling and absorbing it, coming to a consensus with yourself of what you are experiencing at that moment. Well, it does not have to be justified yet or be right or wrong. It simply requires a simmer down by you telling yourself ‘it’s ok to feel, and it’s normal and valid.’ ‘my feelings matter and I will hear myself out.’

This is a process in progress as you learn to better handle yourself and your needs. To recognize and identify your feelings and then later sort it out how to make yourself feel good and better without the interference of any judgments, opinions, or approval from others.

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The 4 Ps

Along this process where you understand and determine yourself better, you will also come to meet Pain, Patience, Perseverance, and Passion. These are the 4 Pearls of Prosperity for you to string up and start adorning yourself with. Verily, pain teaches, patience strengthens, perseverance moulds, and passion enlivens you, bringing about various changes that transform you into a refined version of yourself.

Often, not that it’s too late for a change, but rather we choose to think so because we have conditioned ourselves into thinking such. As long as you are still breathing, it’s an opportunity for a choice to be made and every bit counts. The point is, how much are we willing to step out of our box of complacency, comfort, and put that step forward saying ‘no, I’m not going to stay being late and waste it any further.’ It’s ok to be late but what’s NOT ok is, remaining being late until it becomes a ‘never’.

Think about it like a journey requiring a transfer flight. It can either bring you to the intended destination if you continue with it or a whole new unknown if you choose to discontinue and quit. It’s often during, and in, the waiting that we find ourselves wrecking. Falling into the belief that nothing is happening during the process of transferring deviated by impatience usually.

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Your toolkit while in the waiting:

While being in the ‘transfer and waiting’  or the change process you may call it, it is at this point where one needs to not lose hope but persevere with steadfastness and you will get there, eventually. Yes, with patience. Let me hand you the kit to help you not get deviated but reach your intended ‘destination’. That is, you with a healthy mind and a happy self!

Learn: Keep learning to keep up with the changes that are always phenomenal and await no one’s approval to supervene. Exploring new things can be scary a first and challenging that’s only till you master them. However, when you are passionately learning, there is no need for any pushing. Hustle it on!

Live: Live in wellness. Let not regrets creep in later so, stay focused on what you are determined to achieve without letting any negativity around you affect it. Our perspectives and attitude may change along the way as our mindset develops with positivity. With a better vision strive on and embrace all the goodness that life has for you.

Life lessons: Life has its magical paths of letting things happen the way it’s meant to unravel their lessons onto us. There’s nothing that is fully under our control. Like that certain emotion which hits hard and we end up feeling, involuntarily, those unexpected situations or incidents that happened, the mysterious coincidences that occur.

However, what we can control is, how we can manage it, deal with it and live around it accepting that we can never have full total control over it. Life is beyond what we could fully perceive of it. Therefore, let go, let live, and let be.

Here’s a quote I’d like to share in the joy of the upcoming Women’s Day 2022 ( 8 March):

“I try. I fail. I fall. I cry.


I learned…and I try again.

To keep Going on and Striving to Live the Life I want”.

For that, you’ve got to first start believing in yourself, for we now know already that it all starts from you to you, and solely for you.

See you very soon on Women’s Day 2022 with more women’s day quotes, Finale coming up just for you!

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