Indian maid salary in Singapore

Indian maid salary in Singapore has now gone up to $700. Singapore has one of the largest populations of foreign domestic workers (FDW) in Asia, with 255,800 workers as of June 2019. Hong Kong has about 400,000. Global public opinion and data company YouGov surveyed 1,060 Singaporeans in 2019. They released their finding recently, which stated that $600 should be the reasonable salary for a maid working in Singapore.

Indian maid salary in Singapore

When this findings was released, a lot of Netizens highlighted the amount was “ridiculous”. They find that $600 is a lot of money in this pandemic time where the costs of living is increasing everywhere.

On top of Indian maid salary in Singapore , some employers are paying maid’s levy $300 to $450 per month.

Because of the pandemic situation, Indian maids are now earning $700 to $1100 per month. This is just the basic salary. Their food, lodging and medical expenses are free.

If they truly work that well, professionally, and relieve the employer’s stress at home, then the wage they expect is reasonable.

However, if the maid has no job experience, does not know how to cook, and has no knowledge of childcare, she cannot claim this much money simply because she worked for an employer in Singapore for two years.

When it comes to deciding FDW compensation, there is no “one-size-fits-all approach,” with individuals with more local experience and specialized skill sets such as nursing credentials or eldercare know-how potentially earning more.

Once you hire a maid in Singapore, Salary is the biggest monthly recurring cost that you will be paying. You must be prepared to pay this amount through out her 2 years contract.

Don’t end up paying half of what you earn to your maid, be reasonable when deciding on your maid’s salary.

Escalating salary expectations, is causing a lot of problems to many families. They end up dropping the idea of hiring a maid, as it sounds too awful to pay $1000 just for maintaining a small 3 bedroom house.

These issues have been brewing prior to COVID. However, the difficult scenario erupted when the supply of migrant domestic workers was limited due to travel restrictions during the pandemic.

In order to secure a maid quickly, some wage offers went as high as S$1,000 per month these offers were publicized in Facebook groups such as “Singapore transfer helpers (maids) straight hire.”

Such large wage offers encouraged some workers to demand that their current contracts be terminated so that they may be transferred to other employer who pay more.

Families surprised by such requests have little options — they cannot readily locate a substitute, especially during the pandemic period.

Many of these families had to beg the helper to stay in their contracts because their loved ones are in the hands of the helper.

Indian maid salary in Singapore is the most fluctuating and rapidly increasing. This is due to employers racing after the best Indian maid and prepared to give in to all of their demands just because they want to have the minimum hassle at home.

Always try to start low, and then slowly you can increase the maid’s salary. Even if the salary is initially decided with a 2 years contract. Some helpers actually talk to the employer for a slight increment after 1 year of working with them. Some employers give in to this request as a goodwill gesture.

Don’t fall for the maids who ask for high salary and looking for less work. Always ensure that her salary is on par with her performance.

So what do you think a reasonable salary should be for an Indian maid who have finished her 2 years contract in Singapore?  Have you encountered a maid who demanded for very high salary and you agreed to it, but later you found that she is not even half the worth of it ?

Feel free to share your experience and frustration on the Indian maid salary in Singapore with us by commenting below.  Do feel free to share this article with your friends in WhatsApp group.

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