Transfer maid Singapore no agent

Searching for a maid who is already in Singapore and the maid is looking for a new employer to join by herself without her going through an employment agency, this is called Transfer maid Singapore no agent.

Transfer maid Singapore no agent

Both you, the employer, and the Transfer maid in Singapore without an agency are saving money in this instance. You as the employer save money in paying your heavy agency fee and the maid also save her cost by paying her 1 month or 2 months of her salary.

This isn’t to suggest that agencies aren’t useful. Consumers value convenience in today’s society, and agencies deliver just that. They are in charge of sourcing, contracts, and other administrative tasks associated with the process. Many employers are more than willing to pay the extra money to avoid all of the bothers.

Where can you search for Transfer maid Singapore no agent

The obvious issue is, where should I start looking for these candidates? Employers who want to do it themselves usually have someone in mind—usually a maid who was recommended by a friend or family member. These maids are known as ‘transfer maids’ since they had previously worked in Singapore.

  1. First place to search for Transfer maid Singapore no agent is in your whatsapp groups that you might have. Let all your friends and families know that you are searching to hire a transfer maid in Singapore. That friends will ask their other friends and the news spread out. Then you’ll start getting whatsapp messages from a lot of people who have heard about your request. You continue the whatsapp conversation from here, and the process of hiring a transfer maid begins.
  2. Browse through Gumtree Free Classified Ads. You can find transfer maid no agent  Postings in Singapore! There are lots of employers who post their requirements here. You can also find some helpers who post their transfer details in this classified ad. Every day, there are new listings being posted here. Either employers searching for maids or maids searching for employers. Even maid agencies promote their services here in the hopes of attracting the attention of employers in desperate need of hiring a maid urgently.
  3. Facebook groups. You can search for the terms like “Direct hiring Singapore” and you can find many groups with over 20,000 members. Such groups have strict rules like, no agents allowed. As a result, you only see that maids and employers are interacting in the groups. You will also notice that there is a war happening in the Facebook groups. If any helper posts her transfer information, all employers jump in and attempt to contact her. The same for simple families, where both couples are working, have only one child may around the age of 5 to 10 years old, staying in Condo and can offer separate room to the helpers. Such families are like premium class to maids on transfer. Immediately all the transfer maids will start to send PM to that employer.
  4. There are other online databases available to search for Transfer maid Singapore no agent. It should be noted that this will most likely include both transfer maids and those who are still overseas. Their status will have an impact on the measures you must take to hire them. You may also have to pay a little price to have access to these databases.

Transfer letter

Before you even start to interview the Transfer maid Singapore no agent, the first thing to ask them is, do they have their transfer letter ready.  Some helpers do not even have the transfer letter with them. They may not even have spoken to their current employer about their idea to transfer. Such over smart helper’s idea is that they should first try to get a new job. Then pen their mouth to the current employer about their transfer idea. In this way, they don’t lose their current employer, nor they can slowly look for a new employer until they find someone who meets all their salary demand and work environment demand.

Such Transfer maid may not be available immediately, as she might have to give a month notice to her current employer. If you do not have this much time to wait, then you should just avoid interviewing her.

If the transfer maid, do have the transfer letter ready, ask her for the date of release.  Based on the release date, you can plan your hiring.

Work History

Always check the work history of the transfer helper. You don’t want to be hiring a hopper who is hopping to a new employer every 3 months or 6 months. It must be her switching employers or her employers are dumping her due to her work attitude.

Ask her for her reasons for changing so many employers. Some could be genuine reasons.

Illegal Agents

During your search for Transfer maid Singapore no agent, you might come across illegal and unlicensed agents. They might want to refer maids who are on transfer or maids who are overseas.  As referral fees, they either take some fees from you or they take from the maids. Such activities are illegal in Singapore and be careful when you are dealing with them. Try and avoid such referrals.

They will try and sweet talk to you to just bring in their maid to Singapore. They will tell you that they know the girl very well and her work attitude is excellent. They will even tell you that the maid is their relations, and she is very good.

Always take precautions, if you involve any third person during the process of hiring the Transfer maid Singapore no agent.

Disadvantages of Transfer maid Singapore with no agent

Once you deal with the transfer maid directly and hire her. You are completely on your own. There is no agency involved. Any conflicts or any problem with the maid, you have to deal with on your own. There will be no middle person to get involved and settle any issues for you. Therefore before you hire her, always check about her very carefully and also write every detail in black and white and get her to sign on it. You must enter into an employment agreement with her. This should include the fundamentals like salary, notice period, and amount of off-days per month.

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