Punjabi maids in Singapore – How well do you know them?

Punjabi maids in Singapore

Thinking of hiring Punjabi maids in Singapore, get to know them more in detail so that this will give you an idea of what to expect when they are working for you. Punjabis are known to be very helpful, welcoming, and proud people. They celebrate their festivals with great zeal and zest, with great food, music, dances and revelry. Unique, colourful and extravagant, these are the attributes of the heartland of India, Punjab.

Punjabi maids in Singapore are way too many as they come with the lowest salary among all other maids in Singapore. They are available very easily and too many databases of all age range will be available in any agency.

Let’s quickly look into the advantages of hiring Punjabi maids in Singapore

  1. They are ready to come anytime and as soon as possible. They are even ready to take the next overnight flight if it allowed in Singapore. This is because they are too eager to travel to Singapore.
  2. They are cooking skills are amazing. Their chapati making skills are way too good. Especially their Vegetarian Dhal types of dishes are awesome.
  3. They are willing to work with houses with small kids and grandparents at home.
  4. They have ready cash in hand to buy ticket to come to Singapore.
  5. Most of them are at least 10th Standard pass. They can understand simple English.
  6. Perfect in Hindi language, some employer hire punjabi maid to coach their kids hindi lessons.
  7. They are wiling to work in houses where they are required to share a room and not have her own room.
  8. They can wake up very early to start their routine.
  9. Most Punjabi maids are decent and family oriented. They ensure, that they behave properly so that their family name does not get ruined in anyways.
  10. Very respectful to everyone. Always address everyone with “ji”
  11. Decent clothing, always in full covered Patiala.
  12. Very religious and strong faith
  13. NOONE Smokes OR Drink. Never permitted in Punjabi ladies.

These are some of the Advantages, now let’s look at the disadvantages of hiring Punjabi maids in Singapore

  1. They come too fast and go too fast. They are usually too excited to come to Singapore but realise that they are unable to cope with the work or unable to stay away from the family. They are even willing to leave even if they have not earned a single bit.
  2. Most of them are already coming from a very well to do family. Some travel to Singapore to just to get away from the family. Such ladies, they want them to be treated nicely and with respect. If their employers are not those who treat a maid like a family member, they do not want to work with them. Such as, if they are given, a separate plates and cups, such actions are insulting to them.
  3. They are naturally loud and sometimes if in any argument, it becomes an unpleasant scene. Some arguments are illogical and makes no sense.
  4. They fight for their rights. If they feel that they are being cheated of something, they will go all the way to get what they are supposed to get.
  5. They always compare themselves with their other friends and never happy with what they already having. They are extremely jealous people. This is the reason; they keep hopping around from one employer to another. If their friend earns even a $10 more, they cannot sleep at night. They need to quickly do something to get the same.
  6. They are super sensitive. Be careful of what you speak to her.  If you say anything wrong, no matter how light or small it is, be ready to sign off the transfer letter.
  7. Some employers may feel the bright coloured Patiala salwar that they wear as not suitable for Singapore environment to wear and do the housework.
  8. If the Punjabi maid in Singapore has a problem working at your place, you will start receiving phone calls from all her Punjabi sisters and brothers in Singapore. They tend to seek help from all their sisters and brothers in Singapore, which makes the situation complicated, finally end in MOM.

In conclusion, Punjabi maids in Singapore are very dynamic people. They’ll adjust in every situation. If you win their heart, you will have their loyalty and love forever.

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