What makes a woman happy?

What makes a woman happy? The happiness of women depends on the nature and needs of the woman. It is important for one to realize themselves in a profession and society, it is good for someone to be a housewife – the main thing is that it corresponds to real desires. There is only one common condition for happiness for all women – love and be loved.

In adolescence, women dream of a romantic relationship. With age, these dreams change somewhat, but the desire for love and romance lasts a lifetime. Sometimes it is hidden deep under the influence of affairs, routine and female power, but without her satisfaction, a woman is unlikely to be happy. While this is not enough it is a necessary condition.

A prosperous family, children and a comfortable, comfortable, detached house (apartment) are all very important elements of female happiness. When you feel a loved one near you, you hear your children laugh, give love and receive it in return – it’s joy. How nice to live in a home that suits your wishes. Everything is convenient for daily home maintenance. There is ample space for each member of the family, including privacy. And ideally, let the housekeeper do the important housework.

Even if a woman has a wonderful family, a good life, but only enough money for the necessities, she is unlikely to be completely happy. Happiness, of course, is not in the money, but in the extra freedom that they give. Most women constantly have to buy new clothes, good makeup, visits to beauty salons, travel and from time to time unnecessary, but pretty crap like that. It is desirable that the husband earned this money because if you do it yourself, you do not have the time and energy to spend it with taste.

The health of all loved ones and peace in the family and community is part of happiness.

But even all of the above conditions do not make a woman happy. Anyone needs self-realization. Everyone here has their own place for creativity and imagination. Even if it means being a successful wife and mother to someone, someone needs to lead a free lifestyle, and someone needs to climb the career ladder or achieve general success. There is no common recipe for happiness, there can be no. You must choose what gives you happiness and do not forget to rejoice in the essentials.

In our country being a housewife for some reason is considered not a job, it is not in other parts of the world. Take, for example, a small country called Montenegro. A small country that appeared on the map ten years ago, where a woman would work, if engaged in home and children. Yes, she is a housewife, but no one will say that her husband is unemployed or sitting around talking. He has his own business and responsibilities, even a state that pays a pension for work like home. But even in a career like a housewife, there are rules for a new housewife, which will greatly simplify her life.

If someone asks a married woman whose husband is working and she is staying home and does not go out to work, what do you do? Most of them will say “I’m just staying home”. When asked if they are really idle or doing any work at home. They will reply that at home they do all the work like cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house, raising children, educating the children at home, doing all the expenses within the salary that the husband pays in many households and managing the economy.

A housewife is a service where she takes care of everyone and can do nothing for a woman, herself, but no one can prove that she is a good wife, an interesting companion, a loyal and devoted friend. Housewife must remember and keep themselves in good shape!

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