What should parents do to care for their first-month baby?

Countless confusing things happen to a woman in every home after childbirth. Everyone will be saying things they have experienced. Although those with prior experience in raising a child may find it a little easier, first-time expectant mothers face a lot of struggles and stress. There are a lot of things you need to know if you are also a first-time mother. Here are some common ones.

What should parents do to care for their first-month baby?

Safety: Many mothers think that they can be safe only if they are holding the baby. They are reluctant to even hand over the child to family members. While it is natural to think you have to be safe, over-protection is not good. If you think you have to raise your child without giving it to someone, even in an emergency that child will cry for fear of going to others. Thus mothers may allow their child to interact with their mother or aunt who has previous experience.

What should parents do to care for their first-month baby?

Your baby is born into your world for the first time. Notice how fast it is going to grow. Let’s see what the first-month baby does (First Month Baby care).

This is what babies do in the first month of life.
eye blinking
Drinking milk
Body twisting
Bending the body like a bow
Children will attract you on many levels.

How is the baby developing in the first month?

The ability to hear is high. The ear is much sharper than other senses. Listening to the voices of acquaintances will do things like jumping and kicking. In particular, the mother and grandmother are accustomed to the voice.

Objects up to a foot away can be viewed lightly as children. That means children can only see what is nearby.

Bright light, very close-up images are well visible.

The baby can recognize the mother’s face. Stop crying when you hear mom’s voice.

With both arms outstretched, the child bends his back like a bow. Will attract our attention.

If the mother does not give milk properly, the baby will get angry and bend the body like a bow when the nipple slips.

When breastfeeding, the baby will put his hands on his mother’s breasts and yearn. If there is a chain around the neck will catch.

It is best to be with an experienced adult for the first month after the baby is born.

Things parents should do

The baby’s tingling sensation can be felt by squeezing the baby’s feet. By this, we can understand the smooth functioning of the nervous system.

To check if the child is aware of the noise coming from the opposite side, you can do light hand tapping and tapping. Thus the child will look towards the place where the noise is coming from.

All of the above must be done by every parent in the first month. Thus it is possible to know whether the child is developing smoothly.

Umbilical cord protection

After cutting the umbilical cord, there is a clip near the baby’s navel.

In 2-3 weeks the umbilical cord will dry and the clip will dry automatically.

Most importantly, the umbilical cord should be kept clean so that it does not become infected.

It is our custom to apply saltwater, soap, coconut oil or olive oil. However, follow what the doctor says.

It is important to consult a doctor if the baby has umbilical cord bleeding.

Header exactly

The baby’s head is not smooth and there is a slight bump on the forehead, forehead and apex, so the attachment of the cranial bones is strengthened and heals automatically.
An hour after the baby drank the milk, lay on the floor in the bump. Laying the baby on a heavy blanket without a pillow will help the cranial bones to return to normal quickly.

Focus on the eyes

Newborn babies’ eyes may look like changing eyes. The ‘rectus’ muscles around the eyes get stronger. In a few days the eyes will return to normal.

Tell your doctor if your eyes are yellow or have a viscous discharge.

Patches on the body

Milk-like white patches are found on the body of newborns. These should not be pressed and wiped. These patches are there to even out the dryness of the skin. Apply coconut oil and it will heal quickly.

These can last for many years if dark or red patches are found on the baby’s body. Or it may be okay for the baby to grow up.

Hairs on the body

Iron tablets, hormone pills taken by the mother during pregnancy, genetic hair growth based on which the baby will grow hair.

The baby will have more hair growth due to the moderate heat in the uterus. Hair falls out spontaneously in 1-2 months after the baby is born.

Genitals and breasts

These will get better in a few weeks if you notice a slight change in the baby’s breast and genital areas. Check if the baby boy has two testicles. If there are not two testicles or one seed,  See your GP if you think your child has an undescended testicle.


The newborn needs at least 16 hours of sleep.

Staying asleep day and night.

Breastfeed 3-4 times a night, when needed during the day.

Brain development

As soon as the baby is 2 weeks old, the baby’s brain development will be better if the baby is cuddled, yelled at, and talked to. When the baby is awake, the mother must talk to the baby.

Child care

The baby’s sleeping area should be safe. Studies show that children die of suffocation due to parental negligence.

Do not go outside with your newborn baby to crowded places. Do not go anywhere like this in hotels, theatres, shopping malls. Because infection can occur.

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