Productivity as a mother – beautiful results

Productivity isn’t all about the money generated. Had it been measured solely by richness; humanity would have long gone perished.

Time, it is. 

What you do with it, is. 

Quality of it is.

If you made even a tiny bit positive difference to even one person that day. That is quality.

Productivity as a mother

Productivity as a mother – greatest producers

Mothers are undeniably one of the greatest producers I would say. Not only in producing a baby but all that she does after birth. From caring for her child to feeding and cleaning, handling the whole household needs. More, if she is doing it all by herself with no other extended assistance. She can do so much without any help from anyone else including the father of her child who will be going through a rough time as he is adjusting to life as a new dad or dad-to-be.

And when there is more than one child, what she is required to do is then multiplied. Often judgments are passed questioning her worth, what she does all day and the productivity generated. Only adding on to her self-doubt, rubbing off her self-worth by bit. Totally not needed. 

Chaos in a child’s room

But hey!! Things don’t get done by themselves. There’s no magic. The chaos in a child’s room is every mother’s worst nightmare. You clean up the room on a regular basis, but it quickly becomes a complete mess. Someone has got to be doing something about it and that’s her. If kids are well-fed, clean, entertained, and educated, given a conducive environment, dressed up well in clean clothing, sent to school, able to access clean utensils anytime, have a trusted avenue to confide or seek comfort in, and lastly staying happy and safe. Then tell me if that’s nothing productive.

Mothers prepare and help to raise their children to be responsible

And all these produced at the expense of her sacrifices, mental health, physical capacity, and all that beyond. Which not many would talk, think about, or even realize. Forget about appreciation. It’s not all about shaking legs, eating and sleeping, watching tv serials all day long, playing phone, or relax one corner. A tai-tai life (The Chinese term “Tai Tai” generally refers to the privileged wife of a wealthy man) No.

Mothers prepare and help to raise their children to be responsible, productive, and even successful people in life. I had read about mothers who take care of their babies for up to 10 years and on the other hand, those who do not have enough time to do so due to their busy schedule of work or any other personal reasons.

There is no denying the fact that motherhood is one of the most important jobs on earth as it requires much more than having just a child in your womb.  It is a very difficult job and can be physically and mentally exhausting for mothers who have no one else to assist them in the work of childrearing and housework

It takes a lot of patience, dedication, and devotion to take care of a baby and a small child needs a lot of attention and affection to keep them happy and healthy and at their best! If you are currently pregnant or have a little one already then there is so much to do for you and your baby, which can get tiring if not properly done!

Some simple things like getting a comfortable bed for the baby and you will make an enormous difference to your sleep patterns while some other things like making sure the child is fed well and properly taken care of will also make him/her feel safe and secure when sleeping at night!

It’s much more than that.

A woman’s body can easily become strained as she tends to three or more children at once, sometimes working several hours a day and rarely getting rest from all that hard labor and household tasks. You might think that you are not having enough time to do your own things with your children but if you had known how much time goes into raising children properly, you would not have ever thought of doing this task yourself, because you know how tiring, stressful and annoying parenting really is!

You are probably wondering what type of moms we are? Are we strict? Is our home neat and clean? Is our discipline overbearing? Do we have any regrets about being a mother?

Productivity as a mother. It’s much more than that. Her time and everything she does within it is for others, not for herself. Do you want to make the most of your time? Take a look at a mother. Offer a nice remark or, better yet, a helpful hand if she requires it. Aside from that, silence is preferred. ❤️

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