How to attract wealth and good fortune

How to attract wealth and good fortune? Do you know what happens if you sweep the house at night? what is the correct way of sweeping the house to bring prosperity to the house?

How to attract wealth and good fortune

How can Mahalakshmi stay in your house permanently if the house is being swept at night?

Keeping the house clean is also an art. That art does not come to everyone. How many people keep your house clean? Both men and women are responsible for keeping the house clean. Thus increasing the workload. Keeping the house clean is essential for everyone in the home. The house will always be clean and prosperous if every person in the house follows such practices as placing the item in the taken place, taking care not to disassemble the clothes and not collecting unnecessary items. But most people do not follow this. This is just a small thing. But you are unlikely to know the benefits of doing so.

Scientific rituals in sweeping and cleaning the house

If you follow some scientific methods in sweeping and cleaning the house, there is no doubt that Mahalakshmi will stay in your house forever. It is not enough for the Lord to turn to us and our minds alone are clean. The body and the house should also be clean. Cleaning is mandatory wherever Mahalakshmi resides. You may have seen it in many places. Just a little reminder. There will be cleanliness in places or houses where there is money.

Sweep the house twice daily.

Sweep the house twice daily. Mandatory sweeping must be done throughout the house in the morning and evening. At the same time do not sweep the house at night. Likewise, it is very wrong to litter at night. There are scriptural references that good angels and bad angels roam at night. If you go to the garbage dump at night while they are strolling, you will be subject to their curse. From that day on, trouble begins in your home. When cleaning the house, first start from the interior rooms.

Garbage in the rooms

Garbage in those rooms should be dumped outside. Some come from all over the room sweeping and accumulating the whole dust in one place. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can cause occasional dusting. Garbage should not be dumped beyond the threshold. Just put it in the trash can. If so, Goddess Lakshmi may also go with the garbage. The trash can should also be kept clean. Do not ignore the trash bin. It is better to dispose of it daily. After disposal, wash the trash can with water and flip it over.

Clean and thoroughly clean

The house should be thoroughly cleaned when cleaning. Wipe the bottom of all items. The floor of the house should be swept all over. Some people have a cupboard, have a fridge, have a washing machine, which accumulates dust at the bottom? Some will ignore these in the daily cleaning process. That is a very wrong process. In only one or two places will the dust glaze over. It will cause poverty. The money you have earned in homes like that does not stay in your hands. There will be wastage. It is very important to take care of Mahalakshmi without minding the little things we do.

Sweep and Clean the house for positivity in the House

Every time you sweep, you must sweep all over the place. This will cool Mahalakshmi’s mind. If you get used to doing this every day, it will become a routine. Similarly, the taken item should be placed in the taken places. In doing so women become lazy in fixing it over and over again. There should be no thought of ‘who is going to come and see our house’. If you keep it clean, you will increase positive thoughts. Develop self-confidence. Give it a try and you will feel it visually for yourself. Those who follow these practices regularly will find compulsive peace of mind. Good thoughts will resonate around them. Their home will always be prosperous.

How to attract wealth and good fortune? sweep at the correct time of the day

When cleaning the house in the evening, it should be cleaned before the time of worship. This means that the house should be cleaned by 4.30 pm as 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm is considered as the time for worship. Do not engage in house cleaning at night. It is important to make sure that the broom used in the house does not fall on others. The broom should not hit anyone. This is also an act that causes poverty. After cleaning the house, light only one incense. Then good changes will be forced to the extent that you will be surprised yourself.

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