List of things to keep your house clean

Diseases can also be prevented by keeping the house clean. You can use this list of things to keep your house clean.

We can get rid of diseases not only during the corona period but also by keeping the house clean at any time. The value of a home is greater if it is kept clean and tidy.
If the house is clean when you come home from work then that relief is a different one. It is up to us to keep the house clean and tidy.

Let’s see how to clean the house with the following list of things to keep your house clean:

Bread Balls

Remove the edges of the bread and roll the remaining bread like a ball. If there are any stains in the kitchen, put this bread ball on the edges and press it to remove the stains easily. Use this even as a sponge. It is widely used to clean coffee makers, dust and photo frames.

Roller cleaner

To clean a rusty pan, cut the potatoes in half and rub salt and oil on them to make the rusty pan shine.

Clean toilet

Mix baking soda, citric acid and dishwashing liquid and dry in silicone moulds and then clean the toilet with these to keep it odourless.

Destruction of stains

Rub the salt on the lemon to clean the cutting board for chopping the vegetables and rub the board well to remove the edges in no time.

Clean chairs

If there are any stains on the microfiber sofas, brush them thoroughly with 100% alcohol and rub well.

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