International Women’s Day 2022 – The Fortress of Womanhood

Here’s to all my ladies all over the world, wishing you a very Happy and Empowered, International Women’s Day 2022, to all you beautiful souls!  Today as we commemorate this special day dedicated to all women, to celebrate ‘US‘-  I would like to highlight the importance of good mental health, and being aware of it matters greatly.

International Women's Day 2022

I invite you, to take a moment to remember your strength, willpower, endurance, determination, and uniqueness,  without discounting any bit on it! Looking back at significant incidents to reminisce these qualities you’ve exhibited and felt proud of yourself embrace and appreciate every good in and about you, while still working on those that may not be so good yet till you make it all good and well at your own pace, without rush or any self-devaluation! The salience of mental health wellness.

An extra special day

On this day, 3 years ago my family and I welcomed our third born, who is also our second princess. The child who taught me thru her little actions to not let fear get in the way and stop us from achieving the milestones. She defined me further into the woman and mom I am today. 

This precious adorable partner has successfully made me cross over the third-year mark in my breastfeeding journey today, which makes a huge achievement for me! Honestly, the longest duration I’ve prevailed over despite the many painful challenges, by God’s grace and mercy, till she self-weans, hopefully sometime soon.

As the whole world comes forward today to observe, value, and glorify the women in their lives, thru various ways to acknowledge and show their appreciation and love, let me take you on a promenade into a special fortress.

The Fortress of Womanhood

There is something special about the bond and relationship a woman creates with her peers. That sisterhood, support system that can go all the way, so strong and impenetrable. The tenacious legendary womanhood is the solid foundation to all the uplifting of one another that is handed out as and when needed.

To make this robust, resilient, and formidable support system, it will require first a great mind with the openness that can hear, sagacious with a strong and positive attitude, and definitely, one that is healthy and happy to able to render to others thru comprehensive and rational thinking.

Evidently, happiness is from within and it can be sparked off in various ways. For some, it could be in their generosity when giving and some in expressing gratitude when receiving. If you would feel good receiving it, probably, it’s good enough to offer it. Give the care you would want to get. Say the words you would be glad to hear. Show the love you would seek comfort in. Do what you would look out for.

Make a difference

With just too much negativity around the least anyone can do is to help make some good difference for themselves and the people around them. To Uplift!  To give a little something of you,  and from you, could be the very thing, or even everything that someone could need.

A simple gesture out of compassion may be all that it takes, to nourish a withering soul, turning it into a blooming garden and kindness is what that heals you from within and outshines through.

 It can be in the form of words of encouragement and being of some support, a pat on the back, an assurance, or even a much-needed warning.

Through some great active listening and motivation, you may have in hand just the perfect boost and comfort for someone who needs it.  It can be anything that you can afford, yet could go a long way for the other person. Though we may think that it’s nothing big, it could be everything that person may need at that time. You never know what that would mean and do for them. As such, keep encouraging others and yourself without underestimating the impact of little gestures.

It can be as simple as being present actively giving some emotional support and exchanging concerned pleasantries, for instance, asking “how are you?”, “Hey, are you ok, and if there is anything you need or like me to do for you?” or giving a hug for comfort, a compliment, or a caring companionship could also do the trick.

Traits of Prominent and Esteemed women


They possess a high vibe of hopefulness within that radiates and manifests.  So, stay hopeful, keeping the positivity going! Indeed hope is the silent prayer of the heart. Don’t lose it for you may be just this close to your prayers being answered. Towards your goals being achieved. To better days. To a solution, you’ve been finding. To the success, you have been working hard for. To ease the pains, you have been facing alone in discreet. Hope is the one thing that could bring about all the difference. Keep building it up and feel uplifted no matter how tough it may seem or be. For the better days ahead, it’s you who have to create and make way, paving towards it.

Intentions Set:

These women have clear intentions and set it right. Placing your intentions before doing something helps to put your thoughts into action. When these intentions have a strong foundation of why you want to do something, each time that you turn back or fall, it helps to pull you up and get going forwards. As you set your intentions, remember to honor your boundaries too, so that firstly, you respect your limitations and threshold. Others will then observe and learn how you treat yourself and follow suit.

Honoring Boundaries

Such Empowered women,  set their boundaries and honor them well enough to be able to say ‘no’ when they need to. Honor yourself with no limitations or hesitations. Beginning with honesty, be truthful to yourself. Forgive yourself sincerely without self-guilt and shaming. Respect and feel good about yourself, including the way you look and the shape of your body, for it is the sacred entity that contains your soul. Acknowledge your emotions and understand why you are feeling such, and know that you are allowed to feel so. Do what makes you happy and comfortable.


They boldly persevere persistently with passion, believing that no matter how tough it may get, they will tide thru each test that comes their way. Have clarity in what you want and then put in that effort, time, and dedication required and one day, you will achieve it. With determination and positivity, cross over every hurdle. Should you fail, remember it’s just that one method that didn’t work. Try, try and keep trying every possible way. If not for this, try that. Have faith and hope, that there surely will be one way for you. You just got to find it. If not, create it.


So brave with the audacity to take that plunge simply because they believe they can.  Similarly, let no negativity or toxic people stop you from taking that leap of faith towards goodness and all that you deserve!


Women who are willing to give as well as receive the support needed. Reaching out for support or giving support to those in need is one factor that many of us may not perceive well. Avoid shying away from it as it could, in turn, be a hindrance to self-betterment or improvements to your conditions and situations. As such it is crucial to get to know the support groups around you that are available and can provide you with the necessary assistance you need.


There is this warm genuine smile on them always. A smile can make a significant difference with the power to generate positivity in multiple folds or diminish negativity greatly. A smile is the best self-control, lifesaver, and tool, to prevent you from drowning in that unfavorable moment or a hasty negative reaction. In the event of an unpleasant moment, it could pause all the negativity in the queue waiting to rob you of your inner peace and also your actions out of an undesired emotion. It will make you think and analyze that situation better and stop it from overwhelming you. And of course, a smile can spark a dim moment off to a beautiful day ahead. Keep smiling as you never know someone could just need a friendly smile from you to make their day brighter!

Be your best friend first

You are your best friend and confidante first. It’s ok if your circle is SMALL but keep it REAL.  Relationships that are mutual and work both ways, with 2-way communication and go on easy. Most importantly, be able to distinguish if a welcoming interest is shown in you, around you, where words need not be uttered, but  BODY LANGUAGE communicates RIGHT THROUGH. You will FEEL the difference. If you observe well enough, you may even SEE it. Do pay attention and trust the vibes. You don’t have to land yourself in toxic people and put up with it.

Strengths and weaknesses

We are comprised of our strengths and weaknesses. However, what we need to be aware of is that, that there is no competition here but rather, an upgrading of yourself.  The old You against the upgraded version of You, not anyone else. However, to let someone’s strength weaken you is intimidation leading to self-destruction.

For example, if a person can jump ten steps ahead and you can jump only three steps, what happens if you compete beyond your ability?

YOU get hurt.

If it’s three steps ahead, and that’s your best, so shall it be. It’s ok to aim for four next time, as you try to get better. Go on be inspired and encouraged,  only to be the improved version of yourself enriched with qualities that you value.

Never doubt it!

Let no doubts stop you from attaining your success. Own your success and the journey towards it without letting anyone’s doubts, not even yours, affect it. You need nobody’s validation or approval for your beliefs to achieve your dreams. The only one who has the power to materialize it or crush it all down.. is you!

So, never doubt it! You are doing better than you think. Believe that you are stronger than what you see. Yes, it may get tough, It can turn your world upside down. It can even wreck you up. Sh*t happens, but hey, we got to flush that down and move on. Yeah?

It’s your journey. It’s your story. It’s Your progress and you are doing just fine. So, Believe it and Brave it. Gear up that crown of yours and do what needs to be done, without compromising on your self-respect, dignity, worth, happiness, and inner peace. That too, without letting anyone break your soul ever.

Once again, Happy International Women’s Day to all you beautiful souls! I rest my keyboard here to get ready to celebrate me and the special women in my life, not forgetting the two precious ones I contributed to the world. Also, a very happy, empowered 3rd birthday to my 3rd born.

💐 Now go on and Celebrate ‘You’! And to my fellow men, celebrate her!

Shine & Sparkle.


Believe. In. Yourself.

Till we meet in the next article,

Yours truly,

A fellow woman amongst you, making up our fortress,

Nazlinah Nmd

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