Looking for Indian maid? Here is how to do it

Looking for Indian maid

Looking for Indian maid? Are you stressed out? You are not alone, so take a deep breath. Hiring domestic workers and maids is far more difficult than, say, hiring an employee for an office. The reason for this is because you let this maid to enter your house and communicate with your loved ones. As a result, the procedure should include some obligatory checks.

Create a Job Description before looking for Indian maid

The first step in looking for indian maid should be to create a job description. You may wonder why.

Allow me to explain: Having a job description can help you get insight on a variety of issues.

Among these are:

  1. What do you want the Helper to do.
  2. What will be a time the helper will be needed for
  3. What would be the ideal age of a person for the job
  4. Which region of Indian maid will be suitable for your family type
  5. What could be the salary budget will be suitable
  6. How many Off days are you able to offer her

Prepare for the interview

Prepare for the interview to ensure that the Indian helper meets the job description standards that you have set. Make a list of the questions you’d want to ask. The following could be a starting list of questions that you ask when you are looking for Indian maid :

  1. What is her family background?
  2. Why she wants to leave her current employer?
  3. How many years is she willing to work in Singapore?
  4. What kind of dishes can she cook?
  5. Does she have any relatives in Singapore?
  6. How regularly she used social media?
  7. Who is taking care of her own kids in India?
  8. Can she do handwash of some cloths?
  9. Does she needs a separate room?
  10. Does she have any habit for beda or smoking?

Once you have written down all the questions you want the maid to answer, it will help you arrive at many things, including the type of maid and the salary you are ready to offer.

Ways to hire Indian maids in Singapore

Looking for Indian maid though an agent

One of the common ways to hire Indian maid in India is through a licensed agent in Singapore.  The ability to choose an Indian maid based on your needs is one of the benefits of employing a good Agency using their online portal.

Another reason for this is that ease of work and the process is of the highest importance when hiring Indian maid. The agent will handle the entire procedure, ensuring that the maid’s trip from India to Singapore goes off without a hitch.  If there is a dispute between you and your Indian maid after she joins you, if an agency is involved, the agent can act as a middle person to resolve the situation.

Before contacting any agency, consider if you are prepared to make that type of investment, or whether you would prefer to hire directly yourself. Check the agency’s license details as well, as there are many illegal agency operations in the market.

Direct Hiring of Indian Maid

People generally ask their neighbour, close friends and family to refer someone they know personally. They can hire someone from a reference.

The reason for this is because trust is of the utmost importance to us when employing housemaids, and we believe that hiring from recommendations makes the Indian housemaid a reliable person. However, this is no longer the case. No one will accept responsibility if something bad occurs with you and your Indian maid. We must accept full responsibility for our own safety and the protection of our loved ones.

Direct Hiring saves you a lot of money, but if any problems occur you might end up spending more money than you would have if you had used an agency.

Check her basic grooming & hygiene of the Indian maid

You do not want a messy person in your house. It is not about expensive clothes, but about wearing clean clothes and maintaining basic hygiene.

During an interview, also check to see whether she is wearing clean clothes and if her nails are not too long. If a person is not well-groomed at an interview, they will not be well-groomed subsequently.

Check to determine if she is speaking to you loudly and with etiquette.

Also, how quickly she responds to your query. If she is taking her time answering your questions, she may be experiencing hearing problems, not understanding Hindi, frightened about the entire interview process, or simply not clever enough to answer.

Check for any major health issues

Check to see whether she is taking any medications or has had any surgeries in the past. Inquire about her monthly period patterns and whether she would have severe stomach discomfort throughout her monthly periods.  You don’t want to end up employing an Indian maid to assist you if she isn’t physically fit.

Discuss Salary & Leaves in detail

If you require a multi-tasker, expect to pay a bit extra. It will be well worth the effort. Indian maids are typically awarded an annual bonus, either at the end of the year or at the end of the contract. This is often a whole month’s wage. So, before hiring a maid or an agency, make sure to discuss this with them. Apart from the bonus, you have to provide them with food, clothes, toiletries, etc,. Confirm all this before hiring.

Similarly, 2 days’ leave per month is a norm in Singapore. Additionally, Some Indian Maids will need some home leave once a year. This period can be during June or in December. Talk about all this in advance.


Understand why you are looking for Indian maid, select your way of hiring, conduct thorough interviews, check for hygiene and negotiate salary and scheduling ahead of time.

The following are the next phases in looking for Indian maid:

Once everything has been discussed, make a formal contract and provide a copy to your Indian maid. Our employers have proven that a written contract works better than an oral one and is useful in the event of a disagreement. Everything you’ve talked about the work description, leaves, pay, home leave, and so on should be included in the contract. It is a basic document that does not need to be sophisticated.

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