My Maid is a TikToker! What should I do? -Maid of Singapore on TikTok

This hot social media app may alleviate maids’ homesickness and loneliness while they are in Singapore and away from their families. TikTok is a great app to help stay entertained Maid of Singapore on TikTok, especially during the stress of the pandemic. But Employers — and maids — need to know the risks involved.

It can be difficult for domestic helpers to navigate the line between what is appropriate and what invades their employers’ privacy.  This is especially true on social media, where they, like everyone else, want to share bits and pieces of their everyday life with family and friends.

With TikTok, anyone can create short videos that are appropriate and legal to ensnare the public interest and become viral in society.

Maid of Singapore on TikTok

Maid of Singapore on TikTok taking videos and making them public

This trend of foreign domestic workers taking videos and making them public on social media when they should be engaging in caregiving work, and without the explicit consent of the vulnerable young and old persons who unwittingly get involved, has resulted in the law stepping in.

Previously, a domestic worker in one household in Singapore took multiple videos of her bathing an elderly man under her care without his knowledge.

The 33-year-old Indonesian was charged with multiple counts of recording such clips involving a vulnerable person and distributing them.

Ask your maid if she has a TikTok account

You can ask her during the interview before you hire a maid or you can ask your existing maid, if she has a TikTok account or whether she is creating her own TikTok videos?

Better to know this status before it is too late. If she agrees that she is a TikTok Video creator, you have to immediately sit with her and clearly state all the rules. If possible, state it in black and white and make her sign on it.  ( We have stated the rules guidelines below).

Maid of Singapore on TikTok

TikTok Addiction

Most people scroll through the for you page looking at videos perfectly, tailored to their interests by the TikTok algorithm. TikTok is intended to be addicting, with an endless stream of videos lasting around 30 seconds each, making it difficult to become bored. It’s all too simple to slip into the TikTok rabbit hole and come out hours later, having lost a whole day.

TikTok affecting Mental health

Some individuals use the app to critique other people’s videos, while others use it to mock others. This can significantly affect the maid’s mental health, which can lead to life-threatening situations and decisions. Some might say something bad about her and she might be sensitive about it and might take it too seriously.


Maid of Singapore on TikTok, she may unintentionally invite unwanted connections. Anyone may simply contact her, and things can quickly become complex.  These videos could also attract scammers, who may potentially message her and create harmful situations.

Violating privacy

The way some maids use their smartphones and overshare information, however, can be worrying. One showed a maid in a bath towel dancing at her employer’s home. Another video was of a domestic worker singing and dancing with her employer’s daughter. And another one showed the street and block of the employer’s private estate.

Maids who are active on TikTok go so far as to violate their employers’ privacy by wearing their employer’s clothes and accessories and posting them publicly. They even dance around the home in the video, which shows the entire house. They may even include the employer’s children and other family members in the video.

Rule for the maid of Singapore on TikTok

While first-time foreign domestic workers in Singapore must attend a one-day Settling-In Programme to be familiarised with local laws and equipped with on-the-job safety training, there is no module covering the dos and don’ts of using mobile phones and use of social media.

The Manpower Ministry also does not have explicit rules on how employers should manage their helper’s smartphones.

Instead, it is left to the policy of employment agencies and for employers to lay down the house rules, such as when she can use her phone and social media.

Rules that you can set for your TikToker Maid (Maid of Singapore on TikTok) :

  • Only her room is permitted to be record video.
  • Never shoot films of family members, especially children.
  • She is permitted to record tik tok videos during her breaks and on her days off.
  • Don’t spend the entire night editing videos and not getting enough sleep.
  • Never wear your employer’s clothes or jewelry.
  • Most importantly, no inappropriate videos are permitted.

Overall, TikTok is a great app to make and watch funny videos and meet new people.

Also, it allows Maid of Singapore on TikTok to learn and discover new things and opportunities ranging from volunteering or interning positions. However, like all things TikTok can be harmful if not used properly. Make sure you as an employer explain to your helper to use TikTok diligently and responsibly to ensure a positive experience.

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